Web Designs



URL: http://www.skydubh.com/

Our Role: CMS, Design

Everything we do, we first test for and on ourselves: HTML5, CSS3, dynamic JS functionalities, responsive design, content caching, SEO optimization, download managers (both transparent and not), db-less, NoSQL…

You name it, we bake it.



URL: http://www.speedydrum.com/

Our Role: CMS, Base web design, HTML5 music player integration, Hosting

The scope of this custom CMS is centered around easy upload of entire albums and picture galleries, with visual customization options easily applied on a by album/section basis, and the accessibility of the audio material regardless of the user platform.


Demons of Razgriz [DoR]

URL: http://www.razgriz.eu/

Our Role: CMS, Theme design, Forum integration, Hosting

The design of an entire CMS, integration of the news with the forum posts, theme design and consequent redesign of the forum style, personal pages for every gamer in roster, with personally uploadable content.



URL: http://www.varstahl.com/

Our Role: CMS, Theme design, Hosting

This was a new challenge, list up all available informations on a gamer with eventual aggregations in a single page, including (but not limited to): all the contacts; Xbox Avatar; Steam games list; GoG games list; main MMO characters with relative faction, race and class; a few personal informations.


Pretty in Pink with Combat Boots

URL: http://www.sephicloud.com/

Our Role: Theme design, Hosting

Main challenge of this web design was to give it a female touch feeling without letting it fall into the girlish depths that all too often we come across.

Also, being focused on translations and books, ease of use and perfect readability was our top priority.


Coding UndeRealM

URL: http://code.underealm.com/

Our Role: Theme design, Hosting

Coding UndeRealM was a short project based on coding tips. We developed the theme for an old version of WordPress.


WoW UndeRealM

URL: http://wow.underealm.com/

Our Role: Theme design, Hosting

Just like Coding UndeRealM, WoW UndeRealM was developed as a mini-blog, mostly involved in the closed beta of the Lich King expansion.

It feature a custom fel-lava texture tile and Illidan render in the background.