Our team

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Bruno Passeri [nVidia Registered Developer]

Handle: Varstahl

Role: CEO/CTE, Programmer, Web Developer, Designer, SysAd, HD, CLB

Programming since the age of 10, knows most of Assembly (x86/x64/ARM), Basic, C, C++, Java and Pascal programming languages variants; HTML5, CSS3/SASS, PHP, SQL, Ajax web languages; Batch, Lua, Python, BASH, Tcl/Tk scripting languages; DirectX, OpenGL/WebGL and Vulkan graphic libraries.

Reverse engineer, hardware hacker, malware analyst, breaker of shiny toys, with a habit to develop working graphic skeletons for (mostly) every console he touches (so far NDS, PSX, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii).

Also a musician since the age of 4, singer, graphic artist and former leader of the demoscene group Da Breaker Crew (DBC/3D).

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Diego Cioschi

Handle: [SkiD]

Role: Senior SysAd, Hardware Specialist, Telecommunication Specialist, HD, CLB

Acquiring informatics expertise since 1982, tamer of Cisco IOS and VoIP. C, Java, PHP, BASH programmer. Currently *nix system administrator.

Passionate about electronics, AmRadio licensed amateur radio operator since 1996.

Blueprints and develops WiFi HiperLAN networks in Regional areas.

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Michal Cesnek

Handle: Neusy

Role: 3D Modeler, Graphic Artist, Junior Programmer

Born Czeck, raised Italian, currently studying Computer Science. Blender fanatic.